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At Tac-o' The Town, we use quality ingredients that make a difference.

Our BEEF: We use only Ground Chuck made from Angus Beef. No fillers to cut our cost! All we add is a tasty seasoning that gives our beef that Mexican zing.

Our CHICKEN: Everything is all-white with our chicken. Whether you choose our taco-seasoned chicken, grilled chicken or crispy chicken, you can be sure that it's all all-white chicken breast. What about the chicken strips? Yep! They're all-white too!

Our CHEESE: We use only REAL shredded cheddar & mozzarella to top all our tacos, burritos, subs & salads. No imitation cheeses! Not even the 50/50 blend of real & imitation. It's ALL REAL! Mmmmm. If you're a cheese lover, you'll recognize the tasty difference of REAL.

Our VEGGIES: We hand chop our salad lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers and onions daily. In fact, don't be surprised if you catch us in a hurry to chop up fresh veggies for your order.

Our EAT-A-BOWLS: Our EAT-A-BOWLS are one of our most popular menu items and that's no surprise to us. To start, we don't buy a pre-made bowl, we deep-fry our own. Every day! Then we add the fresh chopped veggies, the high-quality beef or chicken, the real cheese and real sour cream. It's the best on top of the best. We just can't think of any way to make it better.

Our FRESH-CUT FRIES: No frozen fries! Select potatoes cut and deep-fried as you order them.

QUALITY IN THE BRAND NAMES: Sometimes you can find great quality in off-brand items, BUT sometimes certain brand-name items seem to carry a quality and a taste that is superior to any of the less-expensive competitor brands. At Tac-o' The Town, we've found that some of the brand-name items are just worth the extra cost….Like NATHAN'S all-beef Hotdogs, TYSON Chicken Strips, SWEET BABY RAY'S Barbecue Sauce, HEINZ ketchup, HORMEL bacon, and ORE-IDA Tater Tots. We love the quality of these products and we think you will too.

Thank you for choosing Tac-o' The Town. We hope you appreciate our efforts to serve you "QUALITY IN EVERY BITE!"

Monday - Friday:
11am - 6pm

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